Accompanying children – staying human


You want to be the mother or father that your child dreams of?

You want to accompany your child(ren) on eye level?

You want to break with old patterns and beliefs, concerning parenting?

This workshop invites you to:

- the holistic accompaniment of your deepest processes
- intensive group coaching 
- an honest reflection of your individual family-topics
- a deep dive into everyday situations and problems 
- exchange and community in our member's Facebook group
- an immense unfolding of your true potential as a mother/father
- the gift of celebrating being a parent and/or teacher
In this workshop we discover alternatives to old educational and parenting patterns. 
We grow the seed of compassion and unconditional love, that you are and discover new ways
of living your hearts out as a mother/father. 
Respectful and appreciative encounter in your everyday family life, is where we go to.
The workshops helps you to respect every human being - no matter which age - as a unique gift to this world 
and dives deep into the stories that we've all experienced in our own childhoods. 

A special focus is on connection and community, and the effect that exchange has on us as parents.
Let's unify in love and compassion.

Hi, my name is Katharina.

I am free.

As a coach, I accompany you on your individual path to your true self.


As a mother, I share my experiences and attitude of soulful parenting with you.


As a blogger and YouTuber, I invite you to learn more about my thoughts and my adventurous life.


As infinite energy in a human experience, I simply meet you in love.

This workshop includes:

12 intense weekly units with live coaching elements.




Theory, practical methods, many examples, tools and a safe framework for exchange, networking and a caring environment .

You  experience effective techniques for independent and continuous work.




Very important for me is the regular exchange in the participant group and the willingness to show oneself how one is. No masks, no roles, no facades. Just YOU.

Want to be part of it?


Get started with support, exclusive material and:

  • an individual workbook
  • weekly impulses and inspirations
  • live coaching sessions incl. recordings
  • continuous exchange in the  group
  • newsletter with supporting news and information 
  • access to inspiring interviews (German)

Your Coach in this workshop

Katharina Walter

Mother of three human beings ( born 08/10/15)

traveling the world in an old fire engine

living and learning freely

creative head, lateral thinker and visionary, freedom lover 

Her main topics are:

from education to equal encounters in relationships, self-healing through the journey to the inner child (YOU are peace), from attitude to action, self-determined free living and learning, non-violent companionship in a conscious attitude of FOR instead of AGAINST.

Inactive teacher, author, former lecturer at university, operator of the blog “Mein geliebtes Kind” and “Celebrate Being”.

Initiator and organizer of the online conferences “Beziehung statt Erziehung” and “Kinder sind Frieden”.

This workshop is for you, if:


  • you want to authentically meet your Self and your children 
  • you comprehend yourself to be the change in this world
  • you are worth living a self-determined, free life
  • you do no longer want to fulfill expectations, but want to live a happy life and discover your true self
  • you want to take responsibility and shape your own living and learning environment
  • you have many questions and are willing to accept yourself in search for answers
  • you want to encounter children on eye level and accompany them mindfully
  • you long for community, exchange and understanding of likeminded people and you
  • are ready to jump into “cold waters”.

Become a part of it NOW, if 


  • you work and live with children
  • you want to get from attitude into action
  • you wish for exchange and networking in mindful encounters
  • you want to be guided by weekly inspiration and impulses
  • you want to transform patterns of belief and give up classical parenting methods
  • you want to give space to mindful encounters with other people, especially children

Join the community now and book your workshop:

The impulse-Ebook

  • multimedia e-book “Accompanying children – Staying human” with text- and video impulses (ca. 300 pages)

  • Bonus: “5 recipes for equal relationships” by Katharina Walter

The impulse-workshop SPECIAL

  •  Impulse-workshop “Accompanying children – Staying human”

  • • multimedia e-book incl. impulse-texts, -audios and -videos (ca. 300 pages)

  •  Newsletter with guiding impulses and accompaniment

  • access to the exclusive membership area

  •  access to the online “training room” in a secret Facebook group

  • intense exchange and networking

  • workbook and reflexion

  •  group-live-coachings with Katharina Walter

  •  special materials and videos/audios/webinars for teachers

Important remarks

This course does not replace psychotherapy or other therapeutic measures. Prerequisite for participation is a self-responsible basic stability of the participants.

This course focuses on the personality development of the individual with regard to their personal and professional behavior. The focus is on the step from attitude to action in personal clarity and self-responsibility.

This course does not teach methods or instructions that could strengthen the participant in an educational position. In a true and mindful relationship based on the unconditional love and authenticity of all involved, an open and respectful togetherness becomes the foundation of possible methodical steps that help participants to become aware of their attitudes and to live them freely.