Each of you may think about me whatever he wants.

Each of you is allowed to talk about me, judge me.

Everyone is allowed to exclude, despise and smile at me.

I myself also agree with this freedom. And yet, there is probably a small difference in the understanding of this freedom: the use of my free will, completely independent of the opinion, judgment, and standards of others, who sometimes shake their heads about so much “naivety.”


What would love do?

I do not use this freedom of self-determination (anymore) to invite negative energies into my life, for resistance and struggle. I do not judge anyone, exclude anyone, do not despise or smile. Neither in my thoughts, nor in what I do say or think.

How do I do that? Accept everything, let go and surrender to this incredible storm?

In every encounter, every moment of my life, in every hopeless, painful and tearing situation, every oppressive moment, every evil eye (and, of course, in all the wonderful times), I face only one question: what would love do ?

It makes me feel the answer immediately. She cannot help but love. And then I act. Unrestricted.

The truth in love

This feeling does not allow any “buts”. It does not quarrel, not doubt, is not wanton, does not cheat, does not harm, does not judge. Love is what she is. We already find that formulated in the Bible, perhaps you remember:

“If I talked to men and to tongues of angels and did not have love, I would be a sounding brass or a ringing bell. And if I could speak prophetically and know all secrets and all knowledge, and have all faith so that I could move mountains, and have not love, I would be nothing. And if I gave all my belongings to the poor and gave my body to glory, and had no love, it would be of no use to me. Love is patient and long-suffering, love is not jealous, love does not encourage, it does not puff up, it does not behave inappropriately, it does not seek yours, it does not embitter, it does not count evil, it does not is not pleased with the injustice, but she rejoices in the truth; she endures everything, she believes everything, she hopes everything, she tolerates everything. Love never ceases, where prophetic speech will cease and tongues will cease and cognition will cease. Because our knowledge is piecemeal and our prophetic speech is piecemeal. But when the perfection comes, the piecemeal will cease. When I was a child, I talked like a child and thought like a child and was smart as a child; but when I became a man, I dismissed what was childlike. We now see through a mirror in a dark picture; but then face to face. Now I recognize piece by piece; but then I will know, as I am known. But now faith, hope, love, these three remain; but love is the greatest among them. “(1 Corinthians 13)

This childishly naive love is my inner truth, which underlies all action, thinking and talking, because without her everything would be nothing.

Life in love

Since I conceived this motor as the impulse of my being, or better: felt, my life is no longer a lifeless, dependent, gullible and calculating mechanism. It is not a fulfillment of the expectations and requirements of third parties or a must and should. It’s easy. And that according to my free will.

On the way through this life, I find more and more in this wonderful truth and live it – more and more intense, more and more authentic, more conscious and free and thus create my personal happiness. The nice thing is that in the love of everything, there is more and more of what is also love. Independent, immeasurable, free.

Life today is the fulfillment of my personal truth, which in love allows all action to work through me.

I do not know my way, I just go it. I do not talk about love, I just love.

The only guide and drive in this life is this strongest of all feelings underlying everything. It may work, live, grow and heal in all (social) contacts.

Just be

There are no instructions for use, no role models for our individual lives.There is only one commandment that wants to be lived in the strongest bond ever felt for me: handle in love.

I give myself the permission to love. Everything and everyone – without ulterior motive, doubt, conditions or limitation.

This permission means freedom. Whatever I do and say – if it happens out of love, it is always the right thing. When I get off track I feel it immediately and my discomfort, my doubts, fears, actions and reactions sound the alarm. The mind is my most valuable controlling organ.

What about you?

In this connection to me, to my heart, lies all my trust, my confidence, my hope for the meaningfulness of this life – as well as for the life of all other beings on this earth. And that takes away all the burden from my shoulders, all discord disappears and may give way to a lightness and joy that I did not know before.

He who gives and acts out of love, who respects his heart and selflessly encounters others, accompanies, protects, recognizes and serves, sets the course for a new era. Do you already love?




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