I love connecting.

I love listening.

I love feeling.

I love serving.

I love being.

I love getting to know YOU.

For me, personally, coaching includes:


  • commitment
  • honesty
  • curiosity
  • open heartedness
  • attention
  • patience
  • attentiveness
  • empathy
  • self reflection
  • readiness for conflict
  • courage
  • experience
  • discretion
  • unconditional love

Book your coaching and find out about my qualities:

  • unrestricted commitment
  • absolute honesty
  • happy curiosity
  • open heartedness
  • full attention
  • stoic patience
  • loving attentiveness
  • deep empathy
  • honest self reflection
  • absolute readiness for conflict
  • brave courage
  • years of experience
  • absolute discretion
  • boundless unconditional love


Follow the calling

If you also want to connect with other people, who are interested in your heart vision and if you want to show the world what you have to offer: I would be glad to coach you to your own first online conference or summit. Feel free to contact me for a free talk (about 15 minutes), to check if we could work together in realizing your deepest vision online.


“Online summit-coaching”


It’s not only about presenting yourself and your vision, dealing with a website or interviewing speakers. Organizing an online summit or conference, means being willing to dig deeper and to change old patterns. You will grow and become a whole new person on this exciting way of experiencing your true self and showing up to the world as the one, who you really are and with what you have to give. 


Start your processes today and contact me for a free talk. Share your vision, your thoughts, hopes, wishes and your business idea with me and let’s see if we can work together.  
Get inspirations and impulses and maybe the access to an exclusive accompaniment. I have organized four successful online summits until now and am willing to share my experiences and skills with you. If you want to be the change that you wish for in the world and if online summits and connecting many, many people around the globe, sounds like your business: contact me!

I’m glad if you want to work with me.

Just write an email to:

& let’s chat!