I love connecting.

I love listening.

I love feeling.

I love serving people.

I love getting to know YOU.

For me, personally, coaching includes:


  • commitment
  • honesty
  • curiosity
  • open heartedness
  • attention
  • patience
  • attentiveness
  • empathy
  • self reflection
  • readiness for conflict
  • courage
  • experience
  • discretion
  • unconditional love

Book your coaching and find out about my qualities:

  • unrestricted commitment
  • absolute honesty
  • happy curiosity
  • open heartedness
  • full attention
  • stoic patience
  • loving attentiveness
  • deep empathy
  • honest self reflection
  • absolute readiness for conflict
  • brave courage
  • years of experience
  • absolute discretion
  • boundless unconditional love



If you also want to connect with other people, who deal with similar topics, follow the same path and are on their journey to inner peace and freedom, join my workshop


“Accompanying children – Staying human”


It’s not only about parenting and educational accompaniment of children but much more about the exciting way of self-healing.


Start your processes today and share your feelings, thoughts and experiences with other participants in the protected Facebook group.
Get inspirations and impulses, access to the exclusive member area with PDFs, videos, audios and more. 
There are live online meetings and webinars waiting for you. 

I’m glad if you feel like joining us.


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