Mail archive

Welcome to the Mail archive.

Just in case that you don’t receive my emails – which sometimes is the case with certain email providers – I want to make sure that you can nevertheless get access to the interviews and the information of the day.

I created this mail archive so that – whatever the case – you are able to have access ti the the daily content at any time. You will find the mail of the day – just after it has been sent – in this archive. Just click on the date.


September 9

Brandy – Emiliano – Elijah

September 10

Rolf – Katreni – Kiki (Katharina)

September 11

Tanmayo – Dimitra – John

September 12

Randy – Jesse

September 13

Midi – Ernesto – Shantamo

September 14

Amy – Sarani – Ibi

September 15


Second mail – CHANGE in plan

September 16

Costa, Mona, Alex, Kiki live

September 17

Ashley & Momo live

SecondMail – Live session

September 18

Amma Li, George, Alex live

September 19

Richard, Rosy



September 22