Being here and now

Living authenticity and truth

Freedom within


My name is Katharina.

I am a mother of three children, former school teacher, infinite traveler, blogger, YouTuber, author, summit organizer, and creative mind of Celebrate Being.

The kids and I – my role as a mum


I’ve been lucky to experience a Cesarean, as well as a spontaneous birth without assistance, and a water birth with my youngest son. Our daughter was raised diaper-free, all children were (long-term) breastfed, slept in our family bed and have been carried. 

Our daughter lives vegetarian, my youngest son and I live vegan, whereas my oldest son eats everything.

We have been living as a digital nomad family (the kids and I, since I am divorced) for almost three years, when the oldest two made the decision to attend school in Germany.

I found my base in Ireland and so we had to find rather unconventional and alternative ways to organize our lives, according to everybody’s needs.

It’s a daily process of being and becoming and I am really appreciating the paths we take. Life is such a great adventure.


That’s me, too:


An open-minded, creative and spontaneous, always optimistic thinking and holistic person who lives her heart out and likes to meet people on- and offline.

My life basically is a celebration of self-love, respect for all beings, nature and the conviction that everyone can take responsibility for their lives, so we can finally find our peace and freedom within.

Love and mindfulness, which I wholeheartedly live, play a decisive role on my personal journey and in the complete manifestation of what and who I am.

True being of what I am and the transformation of believes and educational patterns, shape my path.

A never ending journey.




I am who I am.

I am love.

I am the other, the lateral thinker,

the funny,

the one in mind and heart.

I am the girlfriend,

the sister,

the mother and daughter,

the companion,

the woman with & without roles.

I’m the thoughtful,  the melancholic,

the difficult one, the quiet.

I am the creative,

the one with so many faces

and sometimes without.

The one who swings with you,

laughs with you,

is quiet with you.

I am the brave,

the strong,

who loves her strength & weakness.

I am the adventurer,

the seeker

who finds herself in acceptance.

I am the one who questions everything,

the one who provokes

who wants and doesn’t want,

who understands and doesn’t understand.

The one who thinks of you,

who holds you,

listens to you,

takes you seriously.

I am the one, who looks behind your smile,

who wants to know who you really are.

I am the honest,

the radical,

the polarizing and loving nobody,

who sees herself in you.

I am your mirror,

breaking patterns and rules,

and transforming beliefs.

I am what I am – infinite energy, celebrating its unique human experience.