My vision

 CELEBRATE BEING – a vision – my truth


For me, celebrate being is not only a phrase, a mantra. 
It means to follow the heart and calm the mind in the most profound way.

It means to truly feel and accept this individual truth as the one and only
compass in life.

This inner voice shapes my attitude, determines my actions and shows me the way – as hard as it sometimes seems and as much power as it costs.

Celebrate Being is the vision of a grateful life in which every person can

develop his full potential and completely live his heart out. 


A life in which there are no evaluations, external standards, resistance and
insurmountable blocks.

A life, dedicated to the free development


of the self and unconditional love.



A life of mercy that respects the dignity of all beings.

Celebrate being defines life as a fantastic playground without limits, where people laugh, dance, celebrate and live in peaceful coexistence, respecting the needs of each and everyone, from the abundance of what can be created.

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