a vision – my truth


For me, Celebrate Being is not only a phrase, a mantra. 
It means total coherence of heart and mind, enabling ourselves to create reality.

It means to truly feel and accept our individual truths as the one and only
compass in life – inviting everybody to join the divine melody.

Coherence shapes my attitude, determines my actions and shows me the way – as hard as it sometimes seems and as much as it costs.

Celebrate Being is the vision of appreciating life, just the way it is.

We all can live out our full potential and entirely live our hearts out. Without evaluations, external standards, resistance and insurmountable blocks.

A life, dedicated to freedom –

of time, relationships, money and location.

A life of grace that respects and appreciates all divine beings.

Celebrate Being defines life as a unique playground without any limits.

I see people laughing, dancing, celebrating and living in peaceful coexistence.

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