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Celebrate Being

Read my thoughts and feelings about truth, reality and life. I hope they can guide you on your individual path from educational patterns to unconditional parenting from the heart. Start your journey NOW.

New on Celebrate Being?

Here you will find out what it's all about:
The focus of Celebrate Being is the vision of peace with ourselves and our children.
For me, this journey begins with the conscious choice of leaving the way of old habits and traditions and 
discovering unconditional parenting
It's a chance to recognize our true selves and those of our fellow human beings.
Authenticity, equality and mindfulness are my cornerstones.
My life's philosophy and the center of my work is the movement from putting theory into practice.
We have to heal and unfold our true self. Use our potential, and authentically relate to 
our children and all the people around us.

The essence of work includes:

- the path to personal freedom, both externally and internally,
- an equal relationship with children and the recognition of their - as well as our own - perfection and uniqueness 

Living and learning with my three children, celebrate being means for me:

- Overcoming resistance,
- Finding and acknowledging myself,
- Being appreciative for the gift, that our children are mirroring our true selves.

The return to perception and respect of your inner child, and the love that you are, leads to new ways of 
coexistence, and improved authentic relationships.
This is my manifesto.
I'd love to inspire you, and give you impulses. 
Let's find out which parts of your life are nothing but a story, 
that you continue to tell yourself.
Let me accompany you on your way to celebrating being
and writing your own story NOW.

You're right here, if...

- you want to break free from traditional beliefs and educational patterns,
- you want to recognize yourself and (learn to) love yourself,
- you want to find inner peace & freedom, 
- you want to explore, and enjoy life,
- you hope for more awareness and serenity in your everyday life,
- you are ready to discover your purpose and be a gift for the world,
- you want to be inspired by articles and pictures about my life
Who is writing here?

My name is Katharina.

I am a mother of three free young human beings, a digital nomad and perpetually 
traveling blogger with my base in Ireland, 
congress organizer, author, YouTuber and creative essence of Celebrate Being. 

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I love to get connected and talk to people. In listing to their questions 
I feel their truth and I love to guide them on their way to inner peace and freedom. 
My desire is to help people, to rediscover the miracle that they are.

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