Symphony of Truth

Contemplating the Divine Melody

Gene Keys Online Conference September 2022

© Music by Emiliano Toso

Contemplate the Gene Keys with us and enrich the space with your unique vibration. 

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Witness these 28 unique voices:

Richard Rudd

"Father" of the Gene Keys

A teacher, mystic and award-winning poet, Richard Rudd’s inner journey began early in life as he experienced strange energies rushing throughout his body, culminating in a major spiritual experience at the age of 29. Emerging from what he calls ‘a field of limitless light’, Richard was entrusted with a sacred teaching – the wisdom of the Gene Keys. It took seven years to write the book and understand its teachings and applications. Today Richard continues to expand the wisdom that he was gifted, remaining always a student of the Gene Keys while teaching all around the world.

Tanmayo Lawson

Gene Keys Ambassador

Tanmayo has the gift of penetrating to the core of any issue, peeling away all that no longer serves. Whether the seeker is looking for personal or professional mirroring, or simply opening, the doors to the transmission of the Gene Keys, she gently and directly, opens portals of awareness. In 2004 she found Richard Rudd, and became one of the first few to be called to the transmission of the Gene Keys. In the last 18 years she has committed to bringing awareness of the transmission to hundreds of people around the world in many countries.

Elijah Parker

Gene Keys Ambassador

Elijah is a wizard of many diverse, yet interconnected fields. He is talented in both left and right brain modalities, using his wide range of technical skills, including video editing, animation, music, project management and web design to help create online learning systems, virtual retreats, and intermodal expressive art. He is a Gene Keys Guide, Ambassador, and a core member of the Gene Keys Publishing team. He has dedicated the last decade to integrate the language of the Gene Keys deeply into his life.

Ibolya Beres

Gene Keys Ambassador

Ibi is a joyful human being and chooses to live the richness of each moment. She was always driven by a deep passion for the fascinating world of the mystery hidden in the human beings, worked for 20 years in the corporate world, and for 8 years as a life coach and spiritual guide. Before Ibi met the Gene Keys, she had wanted to help people and to save them from suffering. Now, she serves by embodying the wisdom that suffering is grace. Gene Keys re-united her with her soul family, brought her a community, a place where her soul can simply BE.

Katharina Rieder

Gene Keys Ambassador

Kiki is a mother of two children, married and a householder yogini, living close to Vienna, Austria. She works as a coach both in person and via phone or the web, accompanying transformational periods if full responsibility for the process is allowed. She has no method, yet a creative unfolding happens in a natural way towards acceptance and relaxation, humor and lightness, coming ever closer to being, integration and creating relationship with what is.

Costa Symeonidis

Gene Keys Ambassador

Costa Symeonidis is a multi-national Gene Keys Steward and Purpose Coach who has been practicing a range of modalities around the world since 2012. Starting his career in fitness and physicality Costa soon learned that results were not sustainable, nor were they deeply fulfilling if there was not an alignment with our own purpose and connection to our life’s work. After his own personal breakthroughs while facing challenges with his inner shadows, Costa discovered the Gene Keys.

Katreni B. Maticce

Gene Keys Ambassador

Katreni dedicated herself to the path of embodiment and mastering of the knowledge of the Gene Keys and Human Design since meeting it in 2013. That’s how she entered the path of freedom as a fresh wind. While sharing it with others professionally or causally she enjoys the healing and wholistic poetry that this inner voyage brings into time and space and the realization of the self.

Rolf Krahnert

Gene Keys Ambassador

Rolf supports people to live a life of purpose and presence. He sees himself primarily as guide and companion for transformational processes, and is a mindfulness researcher, and longtime student and teacher of ‘A Course in Miracles’ and Non-Duality. For more than 30 years he has been dealing with physiological and psychological questions with a focus on mindfulness and spirituality and their effects on body and mind. Since 2009 he has integrated ‘The Gene Keys’ into his work.

Dimitra Sofia Tzanos

Gene Keys Traveller

Dimitra Sophia is an intuitive clairvoyant, healer, book author and Chandler. A lover of mystical pathways, who is dedicated to the inner work of self-discovery. She has been journeying with the Gene Keys for over a year having done a number of courses. She recently attended the Pearl Retreat and is currently undertaking a second group journey into the Seven Sacred Seals. The Seven Sacred Seals are deeply sacred to Dimitra and her favorite passage into mystical wisdom.

Amy Wharton

Gene Keys Ambassador

Amy is a multiverse of heaven and earth, a lover of the mystical, a playful ocean of being, and a devoted instrument of the heart. Her work is an evolving synthesis of initiation, celebration, and forest-bathing, inspired to co-create spaces for personal and planetary empowerment. Through sonic harmonics and compassion in action, she aims to nurture alignment with nature and alchemize an ecstatic remembrance of our pure, perfect essence. Her background is in shamanism, Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, yoga, astrology, and psychology.

Ernesto Calvo

Gene Keys Traveller

Ernesto is an Emotional Intelligence Coach who is focused on guiding people to connect with who they really are. He is diving into the question how to use your emotions as the fuel to ignite your spirit. Ernesto is a lover of nature, especially the ocean and surfing. He began his Gene Keys journey in 2018 by pure synchronicity on a trip that he took to Hawaii in search for his spirit’s purpose. The Gene Keys have been the anchor that has kept him centered in his soul’s mission in this world.

Maureen Momo Freehill

Gene Keys Ambassador

Momo incarnated to experience full communion between body and spirit as an ecstatic dance of human life and love. She has been engaging daily Art of Contemplation individually and collectively ever since she met the Gene Keys in 2013. She founded Voyagers Facebook group, and served as staff of Gene Keys Society and host of the weekly Open Call on Zoom since their inception in 2016. Momo facilitates weekly Dance Waves sessions for embodied contemplation of weekly Gene Key Pulse.

Emiliano Toso


Cellular Biologist and Musician Composer at 432Hz. After graduating in Biological Sciences in 1998, in 2008 he obtained a doctorate in Human Biology at the University of Turin with a specialization in molecular and cellular bases. He thus embarks on an important scientific career that will lead him to work for 16 years as Associate Director in charge of the Molecular Biology group at Merck – Serono in the set up of methods approved by FDA and EMA. Alongside this scientific research of his, he simultaneously cultivates a deep search for personal growth and his passion for music and composition. In 2013 Emiliano Toso distorts his life by making a dream come true: he records his first album: Translational Music®

Dr. John Beaulieu

BioSonic Enterprises

John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D. is the founder of BioSonic Enterprises, Ltd., a company dedicated to tuning the world. He is a board certified naturopathic physician and clinical psychologist specializing in the healing effects of sound and music. After receiving advanced degrees from Indiana and Purdue Universities in psychology and music, he went on to study and integrate eastern and Western natural healing disciplines. His work at Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital as well as his professorships and research at several universities has made him a much sought after lecturer and performer around the world. Dr. Beaulieu is the author of Human Tuning, Sound Healing and Values Visualization, Music and Sound In The Healing Arts, The Polarity Therapy Workbook and numerous professional papers on the healing effects of sound and music.

Rosy Aronson

Gene Keys Ambassador

Rosy Aronson is an inspirational artist, author, teacher, blossoming guide and ordained spiritual counselor with a Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy, a Doctorate in Intuitive Listening & the Creative Arts, and many years experience and training in Gene Keys and Human Design. Her deepest intention is to provide empowering tools for people to awaken their Inner Wisdom Keeper and bloom into their authentic selves. An avid permission-giver, pressure-dissolver and embracer of the unknown, Rosy believes we are literally designed to blossom, and the more each of us radically trusts, honors and expresses our true nature, the more magic we can create together.

Alex Iglecia

Epic Movement guide

Former NASA Engineer and Ninja-Yogi turned Body-Mind Facilitator with a Masters in Conscious Evolution, Alex has two black belts and guides people to find the freedom to be their full self, to come alive and awaken with clarity. He bridges intuitive strategy with systemic embodiment to creates effective transformational experiences and tools for leaders and their teams and tribes. Professionally, Alex has facilitated audiences large and small, corporate groups and non-profits, spoken to inspire, motivate and teach, and has shared the stage with visionary leaders including Brendon Buchard, Marcia Wieder, Amy Ahlers, Tim Kelley and SARK. If you’re looking for a deep-listening guide who can draw forth your truth and power while having no agenda about your agenda, you’ll find in Alex a trusted partner to support your transformation.

Brandy Jordan

Initiator, Guide, Teacher

Brandy Jordan, is a naturally virtuous guide and the initiator of the Quantum Collective. She is an Intuitive spiritual practitioner, a Mystic initiate, and a studying Metaphysician.  She holds Degree in Human Services and in Metaphysical Psychology, is trained in Jungian Psychology, Traditional Psychotherapy, Human Design, Epigenetic research, The Gene Keys and is a Sacred Circle Facilitator. Brandy’s life story equips her with the wisdom, experience, compassion, persistence, empathy, empowerment ability, self love, and humility to hold space for all who resonate with her.

Randy Rudloff

Gene Keys Traveller

Randy lived in Texas most of his life plus Missouri, Michigan, and Arizona. He worked as a high school coach and teacher in Texas, as a computer systems engineer for 15 years, before he became a bodyworker and massage therapist in Arizona and Texas. Spiritual seeker, student, and now a bit of a sage since 1993, Randy was most significantly influenced by Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Byron Katie, Dr. Hew Len, and Richard Rudd. Randy is currently studying Gene Keys, Human Design, Vedic Astrology, and always A Course In Miracles.

Ashley Nichole

Gene Keys & Human Design Guide

Ashley bridges the wisdom of the Gene Keys and Human Design to help you align with your Divine Blueprint. From this place of alignment all things are possible! Her enthusiasm will activate your inner child.  And as a creative catalyst she will connect you with your own creative spark within.  Ashley is a master initiator that brings innovation and peace of being to people in life transitions (between the endings and beginnings). When you can find peace in being yourself, you stop comparing and competing with others. You are able to fully express your genius and show up healed, whole and empowered. This is where the magic happens and altruism begins.

Jesse Chesnutt

Gene Keys Guide & Team member

Jesse is a modern mystic, philosopher, teacher and Jedi. He is the owner of Woven Wisdom with Jennifer Brooks, a holistic network supporting indigenous artisans in Central America. Jesse is seeking hidden connections between many fields of perception and study. These fields include sacred geometry, metaphysics, martial arts, iChing, the Gene Keys, unified physics, transpersonal psychology, shamanism, wisdom traditions, taoism, meditation, and music. He works for the Gene Keys as a Media team member and Clubhouse Host and is certified as a Gene Keys Guide.

Mona D'Agostino

Gene Keys Traveller

Mona’s spiritual journey eventually led her to the Gene Keys in 2020. Simultaneously studying Astrology and Human Design, the Gene Keys won her over and became her daily muse. With a degree in European Business Studies and a work history in sales, business development and tax consulting Mona gained insights into the structures and processes of organizations. After leaving a steady job in favor of finding her true life purpose she reignited her love for the human psyche, examined Jungian psychological types and took up a course to become a Business & Life Coach. A keen observer and connecter, she is fascinated by the relationships that arise between and among humans and more-than-human organisms, between systems and their parts, between micro- and macrocosm.

George Freeman

Gene Keys Guide

George is a Gene Key Guide and Present Moment Crusader embracing the flow of life as it unfolds with grace and synchronicity. He calls himself the "Gene Key Junkey" because his passion and latest Addiction is to how Gene Keys have impacted and improved him being Human here NOW! So GeneKey Junkey is Addiction with an open heart. George’s personal journey with the Gene Key Community has consisted of 3 Activation Deep Dives, a Venus Deep Dive, and a Pearl Deep Dive. He has also completed the Guides Program and 9 Delta flights. These experiences opened him to the importance of being in and building community and resulted in the co-creation/collaboration of a weekly event called “Embrace Your Heart Space.”

Anisoara Cismasu

Gene Keys Ambassador

Always curious about life mysteries and human transformational processes, Anisoara has searched for Truth in many places and had lived many adventures. In the last 13 years she studied different healing modalities which took her in the point of practicing Divine Alignment Therapy. She is also a New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation Teacher. The Gene Keys transmission appeared in her life in 2013 and it was Love at first side. That kind of Love that never fade away. She traveled to Canada to receive the transmission of the Seven Sacred Seals from Richard Rudd and to Findhorn, Scotland, for the Star Pearl retreat. Becoming a Gene Keys Ambassador felt the most natural thing in the world.

Amma Li Grace

Gene Keys Ambassador

Amma Li is an artist and explorer of the human psyche. Synthesizing 15 years of experience in Western Astrology and the Gene Keys with her practice and study in the fields of Voice Dialogue, Cosmometry, and Jungian psychology, she offers innovative approaches to awakening consciousness. Amma Li applies her whole-systems mind and love for the 'theater of life' to the internal world of the Self, supporting people to cultivate conscious relationships with their inner archetypal landscape and become conductors of their personal reality. In her experience, the path of individuation is a creative process, and she engages her work and life accordingly, with soul, play, depth, tenderness and space to allow the mysteries of life to emerge.

Bella Krystal

Gene Keys Ambassador

Bella weaves many paths into one, threading the ancient paths of yoga and tantra, and bringing a strong connection to the shamanic wisdom of South America into all that she offers. She says that we start living to the fullest – aligned with our Genetic Blueprint and Soul – serving the whole through our creative expression. Enlightenment to her isn’t about transcending the physical body – it’s about grounding in our physicality, and opening the heart.

Shantamo Kamstra

Gene Keys Ambassador

Shantamo grew up in the Netherlands, where he studied philosophy and learned to make films. The thirst for the inner world took him to India, where he was initiated by his spiritual Master Osho. He moved from simple manual work, like cleaning and cooking, to guiding meditations and from there into counseling and personal development. Back in the western world, he became a Human Design reader and teacher. In 2014, the Gene Keys came into his life. For several years, he has been working together with a group of colleagues to create a synthesis of Gene Keys and Human Design. This has now found expression in his work.

Midi Berry

Gene Keys Ambassador

Midi has lived and worked in five continents and played many roles: university researcher, military wife, management and organisation consultant, medium-sized business owner, international development worker, historical novelist, planetary grid-worker and community co-creator. Since 2015, Midi has worked alongside Richard Rudd and friends to co-create Gene Keys community. She was the first Gene Keys Society coordinator and was instrumental in founding the Gene Keys Ambassador Circle and Delta Fellowship.

Katharina Walter

Host, Human Design & Gene Keys Guide

Katharina Walter considers herself to be an infinite traveler, celebrating being energy in flow in this unique human experience. She offers her service as a co-creative Human Design Mentor and Gene Keys Guide. Katharina has organized several German speaking conferences and founded her company „Celebrate Being“ with the intent to hold the space for fractal gatherings and co-creative destiny-weaving. Her innovative and creative way of BEING in this incarnation becomes an inspiration for people who "join the tribe" and feel invited to experience synergetic dynamics in small groups that she accompanies through the transit/pulse.

Our hearts resonate at the same frequency as the Earth and the Universe. Therefore, we are all valuable instruments in the orchestration of the world and its harmony.

Suzy Kassem

This conference may be a fit for you if

… you have heard about the Gene Keys and wonder what this living transmission is all about

… you are curious about how others have benefited from their work with the Gene Keys

… you want to tune into the melody of the collective consciousness field

… you want to receive inspiration and impulses for your life’s path

… you crave a deeper connection to the Gene Keys community and others on the Golden Path

… you want to experience the Art of Contemplation 

… you are ready to receive, listen to and witness fellow travellers

… you don’t understand how the Gene Keys and Human Design are related

… you want to learn how sound and vibration can assist your personal healing practices

… you are willing to attune to the Shadows, Gifts and Siddhis

… you feel called to experience and honor your uniqueness in the world

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Why join this conference ?

We are living in times of the Great Change, and the question arises how each and everyone of us can be of greater
service to the whole while navigating gently in our unique human experience.

In the Symphony of Truth we contemplate the notes and tempers, the colors and tunes, that we are here to experience, play and express on our co-creative journey in this incarnation.

In the conference we will dive into the Gene Keys transmission, the Shadows, Gifts and Siddhis, we will explore several Gene Keys and programs in depth. And we will open-heartedly share our contemplative insights and feelings to be witnessed by you. 

I invite you to play your note in the Divine Melody and allow your uniqueness to unfold.

Begin your inner journey in this safe container of the Symphony and let the Art of Contemplation, how Richard Rudd beautifully calls it, be what air is to a bird:  freedom, purpose and peace.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla

Your host

My name is Katharina.

I like to introduce myself as an infinite traveller, co-creative Human Design mentor, Gene Keys Guide or long story short:

I am celebrating being energy in flow in a unique human experience.

Having worked as a school teacher, I left the “system” in 2016, and decided to travel the world for several years with my three children in an old fire engine. This “external” journey changed my life, and I eventually ended up “deep inside”.

Based in Ireland now, I have organized several German speaking conferences, and founded „Celebrate Being“.

As an open-minded, creative, intuitive and spontaneous, very much “unpredictable”, and fear-facing human being in Manifestor mechanics, I celebrate this incredible dance called life and I love to accompany people on their individual journey.

When I met Human Design and the Gene Keys, I realized that I had intuitively allowed myself to begin to “live my design” in 2016. Leaving Germany, my job, my belongings and eventually my husband, marked the beginning of my commitment to BEING and my contemplative journey began.

Keeping the balance between solitude and community, sound and silence, inside and out, my life can be described as a celebration of (self-)love, listening, naturalness, patience, and deep surrender in service to the whole. 

“We let the snowfall of Truth enter our bones. We let the crystalline light shine forth from our bones as each cell of our being recognises the energy of its source”

Richard Rudd

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As a thank you for your registration and participation in the conference, you will receive my 64 Quote-Cards for your individual contemplative journey.

Old systems will crumble as the new order arises unscathed within their midst. This time will mark the phase of recreating Eden, which never left this planet but remained as an energetic blueprint. Harmony and melody will be synthesized here into a divine universal rhythm.

Richard Rudd

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May your heart burst open in unconditional love.
May your mind be illuminated by infinite peace.
May your body be flooded by the light of your essence.

Richard Rudd


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