Welcome to my workshops.


I love to work with people on their way to inner peace and self-fulfillment. That’s why I love these workshops, that get people connected on their individual journeys.

Personal exchange, deep processes and live coaching sessions are part of this work and I’d be glad if you joined the community.

Coming soon – January 2020

Welcome to “Accompanying children – staying human”.

This workshop combines deep individual processes, exchange, live meetings and intensive personal experiences in the levels of the exclusive member area. Join the community and free yourself from old patterns and educational requirements, for an honest and truthful accompaniment of children. There is a special workshop for teachers, too.

Welcome to “You are FREE”

This course invites you to join a mind blowing journey. During 6 weeks you will experience intense processes in self reflection and personal growth. Find out what it means to be YOU and how enable yourself to create the life that you dream of. I can’t wait to meet you.

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