About me

I am Katharina – mother of three free learning children, infinite traveller, Gene Keys Guide, Human Design Mentor, author, conference host, creative mind, based in Ireland – my place of choice for the current moment.

I am...

.. and everything I would try to describe here would not be my Truth. And yet you might want to know more about me and I will try to give you an impression of this being "Katharina". Open-heartedly, creatively, spontaneously and very much in the flow, I create my reality by surrendering to what is. In these Manifestor mechanics and with the LAX of Incarnation, I do it my way, live my heart and love contemplation which brings me to what I love most: SILENCE. My life can be described as surrender to self-love, respect for Mother Gaia and all the mysteries she holds. The realization and honoring of oneness in all the uniqueness we bring is an awareness enables me to gratefully live my purpose and thereby be of service to the whole. A beautiful, never-ending story of being and becoming, a dance between life and death, infinitely travelling through the realms and celebrating being, no matter what.

Human Design - Who am I?

We find many theories, concepts and methods who try to answer this fundamental question. For me it became obvious that I wouldn't find the answer in my mind but rather in an embodied approach. That's when Human Design came into my life and invited me to mentally explore my design to then being able to LIVE it. It's not about knowledge but rather about knowing and Human Design invites you to explore your beingness from an embodied experience with your energetic blueprint. When I first came across Human Design, I was fascinated by the shapes, colors, numbers and lines. What was this supposed to have to do with ME? I began to learn more about it, to read books, to meet people who were in their experiment and realized that I had already lived mine without knowing about the existence of Human Design. I decided to dive deeper and to use my own experience and the things I would learn about Design and the beautiful mechanics or our human species to accompany people on their way to themselves.

In being with clients, I love

  • to listen, ,
  • to receive what is present
  • to inspire open heartedly
  • to trust every process without judgment
  • to celebrate communion and unity while diving deeper into the mysteries of our unique humanness.
I am happy to receive you. And if you want to dive into your uniqueness and are interested in learning more about Human Design and the Gene Keys, please feel free to take a look inside the Shop section where you will find my offers.
Thanks for being in this dance with me. Namasté,