Celebrate Being

Gene Keys Online Conference

Symphony of Truth

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“May your heart burst open with unconditional Love.
May your mind be illuminated by infinite Peace.
May your body be flooded by the light of your Essence.”

Human Design Basic Course

Get to know and LIVE your uniqueness with Human Design.

Based on your chart and your Human Design basic or deep dive reading, you get the opportunity to explore your design and live your experiment while learning more about the basics of Human Design in 6 weeks. We will travel in a small group and discover the mechanics of your uniqueness, weaving in the Gene Keys transmission. Every decision becomes easier, more joyful and more coherent for you when you know and LIVE our design. Get to know your strategy and authority, reflect your profile and explore the depths of your being-ness with YOUNIQUE

It will allow you to be of even greater service to the whole and to radiate the love that you are.

Next START: 1.1.2025

Celebrate Being NOW

Daily voice messages via mobile phone.

This is Celebrate Being NOW.

Theme-based inspiration and sharing in a private Telegram channel via daily morning voice messages. If you want to flow through your day with an impulse from me and set tone for 365 days, Celebrate Being NOW might be the right place for you. You can book monthly or choose to join me for the entire 365 days.

START: 22.1.2025


Create reality. Express gratitude and breathe gently into the beauty of life.

Learn about Journaling basics and the most powerful techniques I know to grow into joyful and powerful creation of a life that aligns with your higher purpose. Become aware of your creative energy that might invite more beauty, joy, happiness and gratitude into your life. Join the 4-week self-guided course now and share your experiences in a private Telegram group.

START: 1.1.2025


Dance with the universe and celebrate your unique design on a daily basis

TRINITY is so much more than a course or a program.

Starting with the energetic new year on January 22nd, we are going to dive into the weekly transits of the sun and the other planets. On a daily basis you will learn about the current line position of the Shadow, Gift and Siddhi of this Gene Key, get to know the dynamics from a Human Design perspective, receive music, poetry, essential oil-information, and so much more during this unique journey. You can decide to join TRINITY on a monthly basis or commit to the dance for a year.

START: 22.1.2025