Celebrate Being

Gene Keys Online Conference

Symphony of Truth

My third online congress starts on 9.9.22 – in English – and you can register from 1.8.22 via the button below.

“May your heart burst open with unconditional Love.
May your mind be illuminated by infinite Peace.
May your body be flooded by the light of your Essence.”

Richard Rudd

Human Design Reading

Get to know and LIVE your uniqueness with Human Design.

Based on your chart and the reading, you will learn how unique you are. We all have an individual design in which we make our experiences in this body on earth. Every decision we make becomes easier, more joyful and more coherent for us when we know our design and how we “tick”. If we live in recognition of our unique design, we can arrive fully in love with our human being.

Celebrate Being NOW

Daily voice impulses directly to your mobile.

That is Celebrate Being NOW.

Theme-based inspiration and sharing in the group on the channel. If you want to start your day with power and focus for 365 days, the Celebrate Being LIVE channel is just right for you.


Consciously shape your reality. Put on what you are.

Journaling basics and powerful techniques that enable you to joyfully create your reality. Through journaling, learn to know your unique creative power and invite into your life exactly what suits you.