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Hi, I am Katharina.


I am free.

As a coach, I support you on your individual path to a liberated life.


As a mother, I share my experiences and attitude with you and


as a blogger and YouTuber, I invite you to learn more about my thoughts and my adventurous life.


As a human being, I simply meet you in love.


My coaching program inspires you to live a 100% authentic self, which can unfold when you start feeling, transforming and accepting who you are.

I am happy to accompany you on this journey and share my experiences with you.

Learn how to be yourself, get more self-confident and self-loving in your everyday life by authentically living your heart out.

My workshops guide you on your path to truly being who you are, celebrating your self, accompanying others. 

Learn how to live your attitude and overcome resistance. Get involved in the journey to yourself and in the true encounter with others.

I have been writing all my life.

And now that I am a mother of three children, a teacher, a vegan, a digital nomad, a thinker and freed human being, there is a lot more to share. Enjoy my ebooks, that you can get a closer look at, after you’ve clicked on the button below. Of course you can immediately download them after your payment. Enjoy reading.


You are a miracle.

Celebrate being in whoever and whatever you are

and step onto your individual path of happiness.

I founded Celebrate Being to accompany people on the journey to a

self-determined, free life where they can experience

true relationships and live their true self


Enjoy the content of my blog:

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