About me

I am a mother of three, endless traveller, blogger, YouTuber, author, conference organiser, life coach, creative thinker and lateral thinker based in Ireland – my current adopted country.

I am Katharina

Open-hearted, creative, spontaneous and the creator of my reality. I live my heart and love to meet people on and offline and to grow in true encounters.

My life is characterised by self-love, respect for nature and all beings and the deep realisation that I create my reality. The awareness of what and who I am enables me to choose who I want to be and to live this destiny fully.

Love and consciousness are for me the key concepts of a happy and fulfilled free life. I have been able to experience the truthfulness of being on my path through the transformation of old beliefs and thought patterns and now accompany many people in my online community on their path to a free, self-determined life.

A wonderful, never-ending story - which we can write ourselves at any time.

Human Design - Who am I?

We find many theories, concepts and methods to answer this question for us. Für mich stießen sie alle an Grenzen und befriedigten nicht mein Verlangen, mich ganzheitlich verstehen zu lernen.

When I first came across Human Design, I was fascinated by the shapes, colours, numbers and lines, which at first I could do absolutely nothing with. What was this supposed to have to do with ME? Was it about grasping me mechanically, since I am light and love and assumed that energy in flow is everything anyway? What was the pull I was feeling?

I started to inform myself, to read up, to research and to dive deeper and deeper into the mystery of the body charts, my structure, centres, channels and gates. I found more and more conclusive answers to questions I had never asked before, and I was amazed when I found out which profile my person was travelling in and what exactly that meant for me and my life. Wow - I experienced one eye-opener after the other and could hardly believe how much this "design" depicted me and made me understand WHO MY HUMAN BEING IS.

In my work with people, I love it,

  • to be present and in direct connection, ,
  • reflecting on old beliefs to open the space for change,
  • to inspire people to meet from soul to soul
  • to accompany people on their path to self-determination,
  • to celebrate arriving at being fully human and shaping our reality.
In the coaching section you will find opportunities to CONTACT me directly.
Of course, you can also dive deeper into your design, your uniqueness and the gift that you are at any time and take advantage of my guidance. You can find all the information about this HERE. Thanks that you exist. Namasté,