Human Design – Deep Dive Reading

Get your individual Deep Dive Human Design reading today and explore your uniqueness in depth. We will dive into strategy & authority, your profile and your incarnation cross, you will learn about every single gate, channel and center in your design, your gates of fear and potentials that you carry in your design. I am following an integral approach and include the frequency bands of the Gene Keys. The dance of mechanics and embodied poetry makes your beauty come alive in this incarnation. Jump in and enjoy celebrating who and what you are.

I am happy to be of service on your individual journey.


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With a Human Design Reading you get access to a basic analysis of your unique design. , based on your bodygraph.

In this basic reading you will learn everything about:

  • your strategy your inner authority
  • your profile
  • your defined channels
  • the importance of your open centers
  • your incarnation cross (basic meaning)
  • your variables (basic information)
  • your gates of fear 

Find out HOW you tick energetically and allow yourself to use your authority and strategy to create a fulfilling life that really suits you.

Explore how to make conscious and healthy decisions and  marvel at the miracle that you are.

(This is an electronic service and you will receive your chart and analysis via email as a PDF document.)

Thank you for your trust and have fun with your experiment that might now become even more alive.