TRINITY December – Predance

Explore the Trinity of frequencies which the sun transits these last weeks in December and let’s dive deeply into the Art of Contemplation and the dance with these beautiful energies, based on the Gene Keys and Human Design. We will travel through Gene Key 11, 10 and 58 in this pre-dance of the new Trinity program and I hope that you enjoy your free access to this course. Thank you for entering the space.


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Welcome to your unique stardust experience

Who are you?

What are you?

And what is it that makes you dance your unique life experience?

We all are divine energy in flow, incarnated into unique vehicles that we call “human bodies”.

Defined in individual and very unique ways we are constantly invited to attune ourselves to the energy fields around you and of course to the pulse of the planets that influence life on planet Earth.

Our auras communicate energetically with everything and everyone around us and they intensely do so with the planets and cosmic bodies of our solar system.

Your unique dance with the energies

With the TRINITY program, I invite you into your unique dance experience. We will flow with the energies of the weekly pulse and explore the Shadows, Gifts and Siddhis of the transit of the sun through the 64 hexagrams/Gene Keys/gates.

Becoming aware of the weekly pulse helps us to consciously experience and explore our unique energetic blueprint and at the same time to become aware of collective themes and influences during the transits.

Sensing changes in our beings and becoming aware of their source invites us to consciously embrace the Shadow, free the Gift and to embody the Siddhi.

Experience every energetic TRINITY that moves through your blueprint in its frequencies and let the experience move you into the embodiment of your true potential so that you can be of greater service to the whole.