Human Design

Who am I?

This question has always been present for mankind.

We find many theories, concepts and methods to find answers to this question. For me, they all ended up in the mind and limited my ability to make correct decisions. I was longing for a deeper understanding based on my body experience and when I came across Human Design, I intuitively felt a calling.

I was fascinated by the shapes, colors, numbers and lines, which I didn’t understand at all and which were so confusing. What should these numbers in the so-called bodygraph have to do with ME? And what does it mean to be a Manifestor? Are we not all manifesting in life?

I started my research, read many books, dived into the mysteries of my chart, my mechanics, all the centers, channels and gates.

The answers to questions that I had never asked popped up from nowhere and I became fascinated by what I found out about myself.

One eye opener after the other and I could hardly believe how much this “design” made me get into deep contact with my humanness.

What is Human Design?

These are my mechanics: Splenic Manifestor, 6/2, Split, 4R

Human Design combines the knowledge of traditional cultures which has been present for thousands of years with epigenetics and recent scientific research. Its origin story is not only exciting, but breathtaking and you can read about it online when you google Human Design.

To get your individual bodygraph for your unique design, two astronomical calculations (NASA data) are used: On the one hand the moment of birth and on the other hand the time exactly 88 solar degrees before. The moment of birth (personality) represents the conscious, accessible part of our human being. This so-called Rave Chart (black) tells us more about who we think we are and invites to become more aware of it. However, Human Design also reveals the unconscious parts of our beingness. The “red definitions” describe the physical, genetic part in us that runs automatically, while we are not consciously aware of it. This design (red) is calculated from exactly 88° of the sun before birth, when it is said that the soul enters our body. This is when consciousness (passenger) connects with our human body in this incarnation (vehicle).

The astrological wheel of the zodiac signs is divided into the 64 hexagrams of the Chinese I Ching which we call “gates” in Human Design. The positions of the individual celestial bodies at the time of our birth at our birthplace and at the time when consciousness entered our unique body is indicated with an associated line. The hexagrams are arranged in the nine centers of the body graph where they are referred to as gates. Two opposing gates activated by the calculation result in a so-called channel. A defined channel activates the opposing centers and is continually active in our design, which sheds light on our human being in its uniqueness. The colored parts in our body graph are our built-in, fixed potential.

The four types in Human Design


Manifestors are energy types. They are here to be initiative and bring something new into the world by their creative impulses. Their aura is rather closed and repellant.

Strategy: to inform

Manifestors are the "remnants of the rulers" from earlier times where kings, emperors, priests, etc. have acted and decided at will. As a Manifestor it is important to understand something essential: these mechanics allow you to initiate and act without asking permission. However, in order to solve their dilemma (anger) and to live their signature which is peace, they must learn to inform the people who are affected by their decisions. .

PROJECTOR (ca. 22%)

Projectors are so called non-energy types even though of course they, too experience energy in their unique systems. They have an open aura and should rely on other people and their energies if they want to act according to their design.

Strategy: Wait for the invitation & don't initiate from the mind

It is difficult for projectors to wait for an invitation due to the fact that in this world they are constantly being asked to initiate. However, these conditionings do not correspond to their true nature. Projectors have an incredible potential to share their gifts and talents when waiting for the invitation that acknowledges them. They are the eternal students of life itself, the best companions and advisers. When we recognize a projector's leadership and invite them to share their gifts, the projector awakens to its full potential.

GENERATORS (ca. 69%)

Generators are the "doers", the motor energy of our species. To avoid frustration when investing their energy into projects, relationships etc., Generator has to learn to trust its gut. If you follow your inner authority, you will experience deep satisfaction.

Strategy: Don't initiate from the mind, but wait for your gut feeling and respond to it according to your inner authority.

If Generators learn to listen to their gut, they can use their enormous energy potential for themselves and others and are incredibly powerful as the motor of things to be achieved, manifested and implemented.

REFLECTORS (ca. 1 %)

Reflectors are born without any defined center and are open in their energy system. Conditioning and the environment have a strong effect on a Reflector, who always feels and reflects the environment.

Strategy: Don't initiate from the mind, but wait a lunar cycle before you make your decisions.

It's important for Reflectors to take their time when it comes to making decisions. A lunar cycle (28/29 days) is necessary to be able to make an important decision that corresponds to their nature. Thus, Reflectors go through a unique and mystical decision-making process.

My offer for you

You are not yet sure if you want to dive into your Design?

If you are not yet sure whether you want to explore your Human Design and to start your unique experiment, you are very welcome to book a 15-minute free chat with me. After our conversation you will see more clearly whether a Reading, the Basic Course or a Deep Dive Analysis can be helpful on your unique journey right now. You can book your free appointment here:


If you would like to receive your personal Human Design Chart and a reading of the basic information that I read in your uniqueness (as a PDF document of approx. 30-40 pages), I am happy to generate your bodygraph and do the reading for you. Of course you will receive an explanatory video on the basic terms as well. I am happy to answer any questions which might come up via email at any time (this is an electronic service)

During the booking process you have the opportunity to purchase additional readings at a discounted family price.

Your HUMAN DESIGN – Deep Dive Reading

You have already received a reading from me (or someone else) and now want to dive deeper into your design? Or are you ready to explore the depth of your Design without ever having heard about Human Design before? I will adjust my reading to where you are at.

I offer you an integral in-depth reading combining Human Design and the Gene Keys, which includes about 100-120 pages and a 1:1 telegram exchange to discuss and explore your design.

With this reading:
  1. you get insights into all defined and open centers of your design,
  2. learn the themes and planetary activated qualities of the defined gates in your design,
  3. you get insight into the energies of your channels and their potentials,
  4. You will find out which shadows, gifts and divine essences invite you to dive deeper in your your human experience (Gene Keys & invitations to contemplate deeper)
  5. You will get information about which fear and love centers are defined in your design and what this could mean for you
  6. You will find out how the animals of your Gene Keys can support you with their "medicine"
  7. You will learn which role nutrition, cognition and environment play for you,
  8. you will learn more about your core wound and what can awaken from its gift as your unique vocation
  9. You will learn about the mechanics of your mind and how you can more easily listen to your body and your voice of Truth.
  10. You will receive suggestions for contemplation on the qualities of your shadows, gifts and your divine essence

(This analysis takes about 7-10 days and I will send it to you as a PDF document. We will being discussing your reading, diving into your questions and contemplation whenever you are ready)

If you would like to dive deep into your design with me and discover how you can experience a life that corresponds to your true nature in this beautiful vehicle of yours, you are in the right place with a deep dive reading. Would you like to actualize yourself as SELF in this incarnation and deprogram your conditioned, manipulated and mismatched non-self? Then I cordially invite you to use this analysis as the beginning of a wonderful experiment and to dive deep into your truth.

YOUNIQUE - Human Design Basic Course

If you want to dive deeper and get a comprehensive insight into Human Design, you are cordially invited to join my 6-Week Basic Human Design Course (start: March 2023).

You will get an overview of:
  • the types
  • Strategy
  • Authority
  • the Centers
  • Openness & Definition
  • Profiles
  • Gates & Channels

and of course the opportunity to ask your questions in our 2 live meetings.

If you have not yet received a basic or deep dive reading, you can request one during the booking process at a reduced course price. It is a prerequisite for participating in this course, as we will work with your individual chart. This is not about theory but about a living experiment and you can only integrate the information which you will receive in the course if you have been looking deeper into your uniqueness already. It's not about theoretical knowledge but a lived experience, Live your design authentically and self-determined by making the correct decisions for you and experience which changes occur in your every day life when doing so. Welcome to the Basics – I look forward to seeing you.